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What is a Bucket of Volts as an Electrician?

What's a Bucket of Volts

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If you missed the other electrician jokes, like the black phase tape joke, this is another one that really confuses new apprentice electricians.

Sometimes you may get asked, “Hey, go grab me a bucket of volts”.. And you’ll be just as confused as you’ve ever been.

The thing about electricity is WE CAN’T SEE IT!

So sometimes these weird conspiracies leave us thinking.. “Maybe it is true?”..

I’ve seen journeyman do these kind of jokes in high-pressure situations, and all the apprentice is wanting to do is give their all, so it really catches the person off guard.

Now.. being a bystander, you can’t giveaway the joke, so sometimes you gotta let it play out LOL.

In the end, as long as the journeyman isn’t being a total weenie, and taking the joke too far, it’s all in good fun, and helps lighten the mood on the job site.

But if you’ve read this, just be prepared for the bucket of volts joke that seasoned electricians will try to play on their apprentices they are raising up.

If someone ever tries to pull this one on you, you can tell them what my old journey man used to say… “Pound sand” 🤣.

Hope you enjoy the website.. You may like my recommended tools for apprentice electricians!

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