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Recommended Tools for Apprentice Electricians, Apprentice Tool List, and Tool Buying Guides for Electricians.

How to Buy Wire Strippers for Electricians

How to Wire Strippers for Electrician Buying Guide. What are the Best Wire Strippers.
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How to Buy a Drill for Electricians Guide

Best Hand Drills for Electricians. How to Buy a Cordless Heavy-Duty Drill and Impact Driver for Residential & Commercial Electricians.
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The Best Multi-Bit Screwdriver for Electricians

A multi-purpose screwdriver for electricians is designed to make an electrician's life easy by having the most common screw heads electricians use, allowing them to access almost any electrical box from one screw driver! .. However there's a time and place to use a multi-bit screwdriver!
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The Best Reamer for Electricians (Pipe Bending)

Electricians use a Reamer to deburr metal before entering their wires into EMT conduit. There are various types of reamers, but I will share with you my absolute favorite reamer for pipe bending.
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How Sharpen a Carpenters Pencil (for Electricians)

A carpenters pencil allows an electrician to have a pencil that will not roll, doesn't have to be sharpened so often, and is much stronger and less prone to breaking!
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Different Types of Drill Bits for Electricians

Electricians use Auger Bits, Spade Bits, Hole Saws, Unibits (Step Drill Bits), Hammer Drill Bits to make holes in wood, metal, and concrete!
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Coveralls (Overalls) vs. Pants for Electricians

Coveralls (Work Bibs or Overalls) are a great choice for electricians compared to pants for the workflow, extra protection, and warmth in the winter!
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