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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The rules are simple and straightforward on – if you do not agree with the terms, please refrain from using this Website. may be referred to as “Website”, and reserves the right to update and change these Terms and Conditions without notice, but will update the date near the top of the page to reflect recent changes.

You are expected to read and understand these terms prior to using the Website, and, will not be liable for any harm or damages to you from using this Website.

Seek Professional Qualified Advice is not to be taken as electrical knowledge, and you should not try, practice, or attempt anything shown on this website without seeking a qualified professional in the electrical field. Because this Website is aimed at apprentice electricians, make sure to ask an electrical inspector, your electrical boss, or any other type of electrical authority for your own personal safety, and the safety of others.

Electrical codes can drasitcally differ depending the jurisdiction, whether that be in Canada, USA, or even within their respective Provinces and States! strives to help apprentice electricians with general tips to understand the basics of electricity and the electrical trade as they are on their way to becoming a certified electrical journeyperson (journeyman or journeywoman)!

Always ask your authorities before attempting anything shown on, and read electrical code rules in your local jurisdiction, as electrical and building codes are always changing!

If you are ever unsure, that is the best time to ask sometime who knows what’s going on so you can have a safe install, and become a true professional in the electrical field!

Stay safe out there!

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There’s a couple things to cover with website usage, and which you agree to abide by:


Commenting is HIGHLY encouraged, but, remember, you are speaking to a real human! Personal opinions are encouraged, but online-bullying will not be tolerated.

This website is here to help apprentice electricians understand common struggles of entering the electrical world as a job, and knowledge is definitely power, so please give good and thoughtful replies, and remember what it was like when you didn’t know the answer to the question, and how you felt!

Be the difference, and help educate the next generation!

Links are used all throughout for a great user experience.

A link is something you click on that will direct you to another page.

Some links are inbound, which direct you to other pages.

However, some links are outbound, which send you to a third-party website. tries to only link to reputable websites, but has no control over the content which is on that third-party website, and is used at your own risk. Some of these third-party outbound links may also be Affiliate Links.


You will not tamper with this website. This includes finding vulnerabilities and proceeding with malicious activities.

If you find a bug, vulnerability, security issue, or poor browsing experience, please contact

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