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Articles about how to pull wire as an electrician such as stapling electrical wires, drilling holes for electrical wires, and other electrician tips to know for pulling wire.

How to Drill Holes for Wires

Drilling holes for electrical wires takes a lot of planning. You must plan your routes, keep power away from extra-low-voltage wires, and drill holes at the same height!
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Never Run Power to a Light Box (Octagon)

Pull your home run power wire to an easy to access electrical box, and make it simple for the next electrician who may have to troubleshoot your work.
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Different Types of Drill Bits for Electricians

Electricians use Auger Bits, Spade Bits, Hole Saws, Unibits (Step Drill Bits), Hammer Drill Bits to make holes in wood, metal, and concrete!
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Residential Wire vs. Commercial Wire

Learn when to use residential and commercial wiring by determining its environment.. like fire-rating, mechanical damage, and many other factors.
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Drilling Holes in Structural Wood Beams for Electrical Wires

It's VERY important you are aware of the rules before drilling into structural support beam. The best advice is to get written approval from your jobsite's structural engineer.
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Plan Routes Before Drilling Holes for Electrical Wires

It's important to pre-plan your routes before drilling holes to save you time during the wire-pulling stage.
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