The Best Knives for Electricians

The Best Knives for Electricians

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I have used many knives as an electrician through my apprentice years, until I finally realized, I really liked the Milwaukee 18mm Snap Knife (Model # 48-22-1961).

You must be VERY CAREFUL because it is so sharp, but it allows an electrician to be VERY versatile. (Once the blade dulls a bit, you have way more control. You can also dull the blade like shown in the video by running it on a scrap piece of wood, or even on the concrete!)

Purchase the Milwaukee 18mm Snap Knife (Model # 48-22-1961)
(My Favorite Knife as an Electrician!)

What We Cover in this Article:

  • Different Types of Knives as Electricians
  • Why I Like a Snap Off Knife (Exacto Knife)
  • Why This Milwaukee 18mm is AWESOME!

Different Types of Knives as Electricians

Electricians have a wide range of knives to choose from.. I have seen hook knives, pocket knives, utility knives (similar to the snap off knife), and snap knives (exacto or X-Acto knifes) used on a job site.

My personal favorite is the snap knife.. I like the 18mm by Milwaukee as I like the lightweight feel, the length of the handle fits nice in the hand, and it slides so nice in the left pocket. The replacement blades are super affordable, and if you look after the snap knife, it can last you A LONG time!

Why I Like a Snap-Off Knife (Exacto Knife)

There’s a few main reasons why I really like the snap off knife (again the Milwaukee 18mm particularly, because of it’s nimble feel).

  • It fits SO NICE in the left pocket.. (it never got caught or snagged while putting it in the pocket or taking it out!)
  • You do have the length of the blade if you need it.. (cutting through insulation)
  • It’s very sharp when you need it.. but if used gently, can be used to score things!
  • The length of the handle fit really nice in the hand.. and it’s REALLY light!
  • You can QUICKLY snap off blades if you need to sharpen the blade in a fast-paced environment!
  • You can EASILY replace blades (which rarely need to be replaced)..
  • It’s incredibly affordable.. (I found the Milwaukee 18mm Snap Knife (Model # 48-22-1961) for just $10 at Home Depot!!!)

I will cover this list here with some images for further clarity.

It Fits AWESOME in the Left Pocket (Carhartt Pants/Coveralls)

Snap Knife Fits Nice in the Left Carhartt Pocket
As you can see, the knife slides very nice into the left pocket!

This Milwaukee 18mm never felt heavy or awkward.. it was just a part of the workflow as an electrician!

Length of Snap Off Blade.. If Needed!

Milwaukee Tool 18mm Snap Knife Blade Length
Always be cautious when putting the blade out far like this.. Stay focused!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called by a foreman saying, “Hey, we need you to go and fish in a wire”.. or something similar where you have to either cut drywall, or cut insulation, and having the length blade length is really a valuable tool to have.. especially with it’s sharpness.

QUICKLY Snap Off Blades for a SHARP Blade!

Make sure to only push out the blade so the first line is exposed. This gives the blade support when breaking off the blade. Dispose of this snapped off blade safely please!!! 😎

If your blade has become super dull, you can quickly snap off the blade to get a sharp blade again! (It’s not as sharp as a brand-new blade, but it’s MUCH sharper, and will last you for quite awhile!). Always make sure to dispose of this snapped off blade safely to respect your co-workers on site!

Easily Replace Blades AFFORDABLY..

Typically any 18mm exacto blade will work in these snap off knives.

I would have to replace a new blade maybe once a year.. THAT’S IT!

It all depended on what type of work I was doing.. if it was just stripping the wire jacket insulation, the blade would last way longer, but if breaking down boxes, or other rough stuff, then only once or twice a year.. pretty long lasting blades!

Why This Milwaukee 18mm is AWESOME!

So, the images and details above explain most of why I REALLY like the 18mm Milwaukee Tool Snap Knife, but I want to further clarify why it’s the best snap off knife for electricians.

I’ve tried the 18mm OLFA equivalent, and it was just way too chunky feeling.. you can see in the image it’s about 40% wider (which got caught and snagged in the left pocket..):

Not only is the 18mm Milwaukee Tool Snap Knife more affordable, it’s smaller, which means it’s lighter, fits nicer in the pocket, and was such a handy knife to have on me as an electrician!

So essentially.. to recap..

I like the price point (how can you beat $10 at Home Depot?).. it’s super sharp (all exacto knives are), it’s lightweight and fits awesome in the pocket, and gives you great flexibility as an electrician to have a long or short cutting blade depending on your task at hand..

Conclusion.. My Favorite Knife as an Electrician..

So the 18mm Milwaukee Tool Snap Knife is my favorite knife! I hope my reasoning makes sense.

As mentioned in the video, every electrician I’ve worked with has their own preference, so to each their own in this situation. I just wanted to share why I REALLY liked this snap off knife, as it provided such versatility all round.

Let me know if you have any questions..

I hope the video, article, and images help you decide what is the best knife to use as an electrician.

Whether that be a hook knife, utility knife, pocket knife, or my recommended 18mm Milwaukee Snap Knife.. they will all get the job done for you as an electrician 🙂

If you are looking for a laugh.. read some electrician jokes!

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