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My name is Riley Weller, and I’ll be your host throughout this site.

I was a residential and commercial Electrician here in Canada for almost 10 years, and I’ll tell you what, it wasn’t an easy road!

It is my goal with this website to educate apprentice electricians in Canada.

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2" EMT Conduit Pipes
Transformer Three Phase Taping + Connection by Riley Weller

I want to share both the hands-on and theory aspect of the electrical trade.  I have had the great privilege of working with some really awesome journeymen over the years where I’ve learned many of their tricks that should never be forgotten!

My electrical experience is based out of British Columbia, as I know some provinces have their own quirks/preferences, so keep that in mind through the articles and videos, but I have done both Commercial and Residential electrical, with more time on the commercial side of things.

Becoming an electrician

Making a Career Out of Electrical

This website is aimed at ELECTRICAL APPRENTICES.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you can do it!

Your surroundings matter TREMENDOUSLY in your early years.

If you feel you are not being taught well, I highly encourage you to speak to your boss or find another company.  Once you find a good company, it makes all the difference in this industry!

Some companies provide power tools, two breaks, and some companies barely provide you with either!  (You really miss these things once they’re gone!)

Once you find people willing to teach you, it is NIGHT AND DAY.

But.. be prepared, because it still isn’t easy learning all the fundamentals of electrical.  Don’t stop asking questions!

Why Should you Listen to Me?

(I’m not saying you should.. 😎 but I’ve had A LOT of experience in many different industries in this life so far..)

I’m Passionate About High-Quality Education..

While doing my electrical apprenticeship, my goal was trying to figure out..

… How can I make music full time?!

Yeah, seriously LOL!  😂

I became HOOKED on making beats!  I started beatmaking around 2009.. close to when I started my electrical apprenticeship!

GratuiTous logo - Riley Weller's artist and producer name

How serious was I about “making beats” ?

After 10 years of learning beatmaking, I became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer (for the music program I use).. and I’ve even worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist!

I worked SO HARD to learn beatmaking, and I used my electrical job to earn the income to acquire the gear, and have the additional time to learn music production.. 

That was my goal.. to be able to make music and teach! I became like REALLY passionate about it.. it’s all I did when I’d get home from work (besides studying for electrical school, of course! 😎)

I even have a podcast about beatmaking podcast!

Music Production Made Simple podcast about Beatmaking in FL Studio by Riley Weller (GratuiTous)

Here’s a couple of my beats.. (unreleased.. Feb 20, 2022)..

Peace for My Family

by GratuiTous | BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10

The Scapegoat

by GratuiTous | BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10

The Meek Inherit the Earth

by GratuiTous | BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10

Ready to Learn?

Enjoy my website!

I’m Here to Help You Learn Electrical..

So there you go!

That’s a couple things about me..

I did electrical for around 10 years.. it did me REALLY good.. I learned A LOT, and it allowed me to provide for myself quite well..

But to be 100% honest with you.. I was never a trades person..

I’ve always REALLY enjoyed being on a computer!

I used the electrical trade (and finished my ticket as a fallback) to allow me to truly do what I want..

That is make music, be on a computer, and teach!

Two sayings that have always helped me through my electrical career:

One day at a time

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Who won the race? The tortoise, not the hare.) 

Metal Tortoise that says "Slow and Steady Wins the Race"

I hope my content is that missing element for you to learn the electrical trade.

Always feel free to send me an email!

Two Valuable Articles:

My promise of this website is to keep it high-quality and to the point.

Always remember what it felt like when YOU didn’t know it.  Don’t treat your apprentices the same way your journeymen may have treated you.

I call this removing the Journeyman Mentality..

Riley !