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Welcome to

My name is Riley Weller, and I’ll be your host throughout this site.

I was a residential and commercial Electrician here in Canada for almost 10 years, and I’ll tell you what, it wasn’t an easy road to become a journeyman electrician!

My goal with this website is to educate apprentice electricians in Canada, and make the process easier to become an electrician!

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2" EMT Conduit Pipes
Working in the crawl space!
Transformer Three Phase Taping + Connection by Riley Weller
3 Phase Transformer I Wired Up!

I want to share both the hands-on and theory aspects of the electrical trade.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some awesome electricians over the years, where I’ve learned many of their tricks, that should never be forgotten!

My electrical experience is based out of Canada. I’m aware that each province (and state, if you’re in the USA) may even have their own preferences, so keep that in mind through the articles and videos, but I have done both Commercial and Residential electrical, with more time on the commercial side of things. Logo - YouTube Banner

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Making an Electrical Career

This website is aimed at ELECTRICAL APPRENTICES.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you can do it!

Your surroundings matter TREMENDOUSLY in your early years.

If you feel you are not being taught well, I highly encourage you to speak to your boss or find another company.  Once you find a good company, it makes all the difference in this industry to learn how to become an electrician.

Some companies provide power tools, two breaks, and some companies barely provide you with either!  (You really miss these things once they’re gone!)

Once you find people willing to teach you electrical, it is NIGHT AND DAY.

Also understand that electricians get paid different depending where you live. So if you really want to advance financially in your life as an electrician, you may have to do some out of town work, or even move to a city that has a higher hourly rate (but make sure the monthly living costs are worth it).

But.. be prepared, because it still isn’t easy learning all the fundamentals of the electrical trade.  Don’t stop asking questions!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

(I’m not saying you should.. 😎 but I’ve had A LOT of experience in many different industries in this life so far.. not just being an electrician!)

I am not an expert electrician, or the best, but I always enjoyed teaching apprentice electricians the full electrical installation process, which is what I use this blog for!

To become a good electrician requires much reading.. as sometimes your boss or electrical teacher doesn’t explain things clear! So be careful of the information you’re told, as people are often rushed on jobsites, and accidents can happen easily, or you can be put in a dangerous situation (especially in the electrical world).

Becoming knowledgeable requires much of your own research through books, website articles, videos, and asking lots of questions on the jobsite!

Many times electrical companies tell you, “You’ll learn that at school”.. while school tells you, “You’ll learn that on the jobsite”.. 🤦‍♂️ (in other words.. figure it out yourself)..

So hopefully gives you practical electrician learning that you’ll see on the jobsite, in a self-learning environment.

More About Riley: I’m Passionate for High-Quality Education..

About the same time of my electrical apprenticeship, I learned about beatmaking..

And eventually my goal was trying to figure out..

… How can I do music full time?!

Yeah, seriously LOL!  😂

I became HOOKED on making beats! (Listen to my music).

What I really wanted was my own time to run my business, and make music, without being forced to a work schedule.. but without a steady income, this isn’t possible.. it took a lot of planning!

Riley Weller's Artist / Producer Name GratuiTous
GratuiTous is my Artist/Producer name! (

How serious was I about “making beats” ?

I became a Recognized FL Studio Trainer (the music program I use)!

I’ve even worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist!

Today I mainly focus on my dedicated platform to learn beatmaking.

(But still focus on this electrical blog quite often!)

I worked SO HARD to learn beatmaking, and used my electrical job to earn the income to acquire the gear, and the time, to learn music production.. 

That was my goal.. to be able to make music and teach! I became REALLY passionate about it.. it’s all I did when I’d get home from work (besides studying for electrical school, of course! 😎)

I even host my own beatmaking podcast called Music Production Made Simple!

Music Production Made Simple podcast about Beatmaking in FL Studio by Riley Weller (GratuiTous)

Here’s a couple of my beats (Released on BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10).

I’ll Help You Learn to Become an Apprentice Electrician!

So am I no longer an electrician?

Well my goal was to get out of the trades. The life of trades is hard and very demanding! You have to be there on time each day, and I’m honestly not a morning person.. Sometimes the weather is really cold or really hot, and you’re often surrounded with bad attitudes causing so much stress in your life!

But to be 100% honest with you.. I was never a trades person..

I’ve always REALLY enjoyed computers, writing these blogs, and running online businesses! I’ve been able to help so many people around the world this way! So it was always a fight against what I enjoyed doing with my time..

Life is hard by it self.. so my goal was to figure out how to use my money from my electrical job to pursue my own endeavors..

I did electrical for around 10 years.. I acquired my hours, finished my schooling, and became a journeyman in Canada. The electrical world did me REALLY good.. I also learned TONS of life skills from experiences and people in the field.

I used the electrical trade to allow me to truly do what I want.. it took a lot of reading, practicing, saving money, and work! (Plus.. I have my electrical ticket to fall back if I ever need income, or if I need a break from the computer).

Three sayings that helped me through my electrical career:

One day at a time

Every day is new and different. It can often feel stressful or intimidating.. but take your job one day, and show up ready to work and learn!

Go to work, collect, pay check, go home.

Your job is a way for you to provide and learn skills. Many times co-workers want to hang out, or companies try to take advantage of you. Understand that work is for your benefit to reach your goals, and it’s okay to say “No”. (Your time is valuable, too!)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Who won the race? The tortoise, not the hare.) 

Metal Tortoise that says "Slow and Steady Wins the Race"

I hope my content is that missing element for you to learn the electrical trade.

Always feel free to send me an email!

Two Valuable Articles:

My promise of this website is to keep it high-quality and to the point.

Always remember what it felt like when YOU didn’t know it.  Don’t treat your apprentices the same way your journeymen may have treated you.

I call this removing the Journeyman Mentality..

Riley !

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