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Last Updated: December 10, 2023

Below are the types of information collected from you when visiting, and how the information is handled.

Changes to Privacy Policy reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without notifying its users, however the date above will be updated to reflect the most recent changes. The user is bound to the Privacy Policy when they use this Website.

If you do not agree to how uses your information, please refrain from using this Website.

Some of the terms below can get technical, so if you do not understand any of the terms, please refer to Google’s Key terms.

Anonymous Data

This is data collected from your browsing device used to monitor your visit.

This information is called anonymous because it doesn’t track your personal information like name, date of birth, or other private information about you.

Anonymous data is data like your browser type (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) country/location, pages viewed, overall time spent on page or website, current device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), and other anonymous information of the like.

This information is tracked by Google Analytics, and is used to monitor the website’s articles performance for research to bring a better experience, like what articles to write next, any new products, and the like.

Personal Data

Some tasks require your personal data, such as when signing up to the newsletter, or commenting on the website. The information you input will only be used for the purpose intended. These purposes include the following:


A name and email is required to comment.

Your email becomes visible to administrators, but not to public users.

The purpose of collecting your email is when there is a reply to your comment, you are notified by email of a response.

This email is not added to any email list, unless you yourself checked a box to opt-in.

Email Newsletter requires your consent to join the email list.

This happens when you enter your email address and submit the form to join the email list.

You can opt-out of emails in the footer of any email sent!

If you keep receiving emails after unsubscribing (opting-out), please contact and you will be removed manually from all communications promptly!

Your contact information will never be sold to third-parties, unless asks and acceptance is given on your end with a CLEAR explantion of the terms. However, if any authorities such as governing bodies or policing forces request information, must give all information regarding their requests. will question their reasoning, striving to protect its members, customers, and subscribers, without breaking laws or endangering in the process. only asks for personal information that required for a good user experience to avoid harmful data breaches (in case the website gets hacked). For example, only asking for your email for the newsletter (rather than your address, first, middle, last name.. etc..)

User Account

If a product is purchased, an account is required to be created. The information collected from you is used to identify yourself for login, product delivery purposes, or dealing with support regarding your order.

No payment information is stored on this website. All payment info is handled by respected payment processors.

Cookies’s website uses cookies and expects that you understand, accept, and are happy with its use of cookies.

Some cookies collect anonymous data (for analytical purposes), while some cookies are used for better user experience (remembering login details, for example). You are able to see any cookies from this website in your browser’s settings.

If you’d like more information about cookies, please visit this helpful resource by FireFox.

Below, you will find what cookies uses:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to monitor and track anonymous data. (See Anonymous Data heading above).

This anonymous data is used to improve the website to see popular pages, page loading times, and similar website performance metrics.

For more info, read Google’s Privacy Policy for how your data is used.

Newsletter Service

Becoming-an-Electrician’s emails also use cookies and web beacons track a subscriber’s activity such as email opens, and link clicks within a newsletter. This trains to write effective and engaging newsletters.

Amazon Associates

Amazon may use cookies to advertise to you products you’ve previously viewed when you click an Amazon outbound link from this website to one of its product pages.

Opting-Out of Updates from

If you no longer want to receive communications from Becoming-An-Electrician, you can:

Changes to Your Information / Deletion

If you would like to request what information has stored about you, or would like all information deleted about you, please contact

The details above are what is tracked about your anonymous and personal information.

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