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5 Tips to Be the Best Electrician You Can Be - Free Electrical Book for Apprentices - eBOOK STYLE VIEW

5 Tips to Be the Best Electrical Apprentice You Can Be

Read this FREE Apprentice Electrician Book called: 5 Tips to Become the Best Electrical Apprentice You Can Be!
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Splicing Wires Series

Learn how to splice wires. We cover removing wire jacket, stripping conductors to expose copper, and twisting 3 wires and 4 wires together for a tight splice electrical connection.
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Double Gang Box Completed Splice Example

Roughing In Series

Learn electrical rough-in basics like installing electrical boxes, drilling holes for wires, splicing wires together, and tucking wires neatly into a junction box.
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Solve Parallel Circuit Equation for Electricians

Electrical Theory: Resistive Circuits

Learn Electrical Theory for Purely Resistive Circuits! (How to solve Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, and Combination Circuits).
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