For all my years as an electrician I wore coveralls (work bibs).. and they were absolutely AMAZING!

This video will explain why I liked my Carhartt Overalls.

Overalls vs. Pants as an Electrician

What We Cover in this Article:

  • Why Overalls are AWESOME for Electricians

Why Overalls are AWESOME for Electricians

I will quickly recap from the video why I think Work Bibs are the BEST for Electricians:

  • The workflow is amazing.. (all the pens/pencils are easily accessible)
  • Didn’t have to wear a belt
  • Really warm in the winter (easy to bundle up)
  • Protected my clothes (I wore work t-shirts for almost 10 years.. still in great condition LOL!)
  • An additional layer for safety up to the chest!
  • Can easily load up tools in all pockets, and not feel too heavy
  • You can have pockets INSIDE if you sweatpants to keep valuables like keys / wallet

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