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Category: Prints

Electrical prints become easier to understand with the more jobs you work on. Just don’t be afraid to ask how to read them, because eventually you’re going to be left on your own! They are what dictate where boxes go, the heights to mount them, and what circuits to pull for example.

What is a Nameplate on Electrical Equipment

A name plate identifies how to satisfy the electrical demand of equipment. It often clarifies VOLTAGE, AMPS, PHASE, Model and Serial Number, and Hertz (Frequency) of the electrical equipment.
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What are General Notes on Prints?

General notes specify certain requirements for that particular job. There will be a number designation which you then read and it tells you details on that particular point.
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Don’t Layout Your Kitchen Without the Millwork Drawings

It's important to use millwork drawings, just like architectural prints. Otherwise, your measurements could be off!
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Different Types of Prints We Use as Electricians

How to read electrical prints, and why electricians use architectural prints to measure for their plugs and other electrical devices.
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What are Jobsite Specs & Data Sheets

Electricians must look at jobsite specs and data sheets to determine exact details about equipment, mounting heights, and any requirements from the electrical engineer!
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Understanding Equipment Schedules (Voltages + Wire Size)

Learn what equipment schedules are as an electrician and how to read them.
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Understanding Electrical Prints for Devices and Circuits

What We Cover in this Article: Reading the Legend to Determine SymbolsHow to Know What Circuits Go WhereWhat Type of Light/Device Do We Install in a Certain Location As an electrician, we typically install lights, plugs, heaters, motors, exit signs, fire alarm, and if it’s in the contract, we will even run the pipe for…
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