The Best Side Cutters for Electricians

The Best Side Cutters for Electricians

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In this article, I will share what gave me the best experience as an electrician when it came to side cutters, other known as diagonal side cutting pliers.

The J2000-48 Side Cutters are by far the best side cutters I have ever used.

Video covering the BEST Side Cutters which are the Klein Tools J2000-48 Side Cutters.

What We Cover in this Article:

  • Side Cutters Brand Comparison
  • Why You Need Angled-Head Side Cutters
  • Understanding Klein Tools Product Catalog (Insulation Grips)

Side Cutters Brand Comparison

I want to first start with that I have actually tried MANY diagonal side cutting pliers (also known as side cutters).. as you can see in the image below:

Side Cutter Brand Comparison
These side cutters range from too small, to annoying straight cut.. to the AWESOME angled-head (and luxury comfort journeyman grips).

If you watch the video above, you will hear me talk to you about the small FATMAX sidecutters. These actually weren’t too bad.. because they had the angled-head, but they were too small.

The next two side cutters from the image above (red handled and the Greenlee ones) are straight-head side cutters. I do not recommend straight head because once you try an angled-head side cutter, you will realize how much of an advantage you have to get into tight areas, and it’s a much better workflow.

Finally, the last two in the image are BOTH angled-head, AND the heavy-duty cutting knives to cut through screws:

Why You Need Angled-Head Side Cutters

Klein Tools J2000-48 Angled Head
The Angled-Head of the J2000-48 Side Cutters helps with LEVERAGE!

Whether you are a Commercial or Residential electrician, the angled head is a MUST!

It allows you to pull out staples, and can be used to pry things easily.

Once I discovered an Angled-Head Side Cutter.. it was a GAME CHANGER!

Klein Tools J2000-48 Angled Head Comparison to A Straight-Head Side Cutter
I hope you can see in this image the straight-head on the red insulation gripped side cutters compared to the blue insulation grip’s angled-head!

Understanding Klein Tools Product Catalog (Insulation Grips)

If you want an IN-DEPTH break-down of Klein Tools insulation grips, metal types, and how the product numbers work like J2000-48.. then definitely read How to Buy Klein Tools Pliers!!

I will quickly break it down here though.

Let’s look at the D2000-48:

  • D – This is the insulation type (Plastic Dipped)
  • 2000 – This is Klein Tools Heavy-Duty Cutting Knives
  • 4 – (I believe this one is angled-head.. if it said 2 it’d be straight-head.. I also noticed there’s a 3 model for a slightly less angled-head.. but I REALLY suggest the 4)
  • 8 – The length of the side cutters!

If we use the J2000-48.. the J is just the “journeyman series comfort grips!”.

For Pliers.. it’s a little more technical, so watch my video on it.

My favorite pliers are the D2000-9NE Pliers:

  • D – (Plastic Dipped Insulation Grips)
  • 2000 – Heavy-Duty Cutting (can cut through screws)
  • 9 – the length of the pliers
  • NE – NEW ENGLAND Tapered Nose (they are more elongated, and the normal standard.. there’s also “square type” pliers which are less common).

Again, definitely read my How to Buy Klein Tools Pliers page!

Conclusion.. The Best Side Cutters for Electricians (Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers)

After many years of trying different side cutters, the Klein Tools J2000-48 Side Cutters were my absolute favorite.

Klein Tools J2000-48 Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers - Horizontal View
The J2000-48 Side Cutters were comfortable, had great leverage, and were very strong to cut through screws with the 2000-Series Heavy Duty Cutting Knives.

The angled head is such a genius move on these side cutters. Also, the cushioned handled grips of the J2000-48 Side Cutters are worth it.. but again, I personally like the cheaper Dipped Insulation on the Lineman’s Pliers.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

You may also like to read some funny electrical jokes 🙂

Here’s the image of the How to Buy Klein Tools Pliers.. which will give you way more confidence when buying Klein Tools hand tools for electricians!

How to Buy Klein Tools Pliers
How to Buy Kleins for Electricians (Klein Tools Pliers)

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