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The Best Hand Tools Bag for Electricians

Best Hand Tool Bags for Electricians

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Over my many years of being an electrician, I finally found a hand bag that was absolutely amazing.. for a couple reasons.

They are actually called Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier so you are aware!

Best Tool Bags for Electrician Hand Tools

The reason I like these tool bags so much (no matter what setting as an electrician), is that everything is so convenient to grab quickly. It also includes a parts tray underneath to store materials when you REALLY need them.. (think bigger marettes, L16 box connectors, ground bars, screws (tech screws, pointed, wood, metal, etc).

It REALLY allows you to be valuable on site as an apprentice electrician.

Sadly.. I’m not able to see the EXACT one by DeWalt anymore.. just a variation. I have taken a picture of my own DeWalt tool bag! (Below I share the same Hand Tool Bag layout with the extra parts container on the bottom by a different company..)

But, continue reading so you can learn why I like this style of electrical tool bag.

DeWalt Electrician and Maintenance Tool Carrier Tool Bag
This is my FAVORITE style of Electrician and Maintenance Tool Carrier Tool Bag by DeWalt.. view the new variation.. (This was after about 6 years of heavy use.. notice the extra parts container at the bottom.. It’s important you leave it in for strong support of this type of hand bag for electricians).

(It seems DeWalt is using the same model number on Amazon these two variations .. DG5582).

My Favorite Hand Tool Bag for Electricians

I want to clarify that I like the parts tray UNDERNEATH in a zip-up compartment, as I think that makes the BEST Hand Tools Bag for Electricians.

Please notice the old and new variation.. If you find the old variation with the parts tray underneath, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was so convenient, and lasted me SO many years!

DeWalt Tools Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier
These bags are called “Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier”. This one by DeWalt was AMAZING because the Plastic Parts Tray went UNDER the bag in a zip-up compartment to protect it.. as it could easily be broken. You can view the current DeWalt variation of this Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier bag.
Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier for Hand Tools
[New Variation.. Parts Tray on Outside of Bag] Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier by DeWalt – Model # DG5582.. I like the parts compartment UNDERNEATH to protect it from the jobsite surroundings!

What to Look for in a Hand Tool Bag for Electricians

Now, I’ve tried MANY different tool bags over my years. And I can’t tell you how important it is to have a good tool bag that allows you to see all your tools that aren’t hard to grab, that keeps you fast, and knowing exactly where things are.

Now.. there are tool bags for DRILLS AND BATTERY OPERATED TOOLS.. those are much different.

Milwaukee Tool Bag for Drill - Wide Mouth
Example of my own Milwaukee Tool Bag for Drills, Sawzalls, Batteries, and more – Wide Mouth Tool Bag

This article is talking about a tool bag for your Electrical Hand Tools.. like pliers, strippers, tape measure, screw drivers, drill driver bits (robertson, philips..), or even things like storing safety glasses and ear plugs in safe compartments!

The main things I found useful in these Electrical Tool Carrier hand bags were:

  • Everything is easily visible
  • Everything is EASY TO GRAB
  • You can keep delicate items in zip-up or Velcro-strapped covered compartments
  • It has a Parts Tray underneath the hand-bag for often used hardware like screws, marettes etc.. instead of having to go to the materials room, you save yourself a lot of time.
  • The bag isn’t overly big, it has a shoulder strap if needed (can also be removed)
  • It will last you A LONG TIME if you don’t overload it with too many tools (just your main tools you use day-in-day-out or very often).

Recommended Replacement to the DeWalt Hand Tool Bag

Now as mentioned.. I can’t find my favorite hand tool bag for purchase by DeWalt.. but I did see an alternative. I cannot promise of its quality, but it looks VERY similar to the original Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier by DeWalt with the Parts Tray underneath to protect it!

It’s by HAUTMEC [Electrical & Maintenance Tool Bag With Extra Parts Tray]. It’s the same 11″ size, with the parts tray underneath..

HAUTMEC Electrical Hand Tool Maintenance Carrier Bag
HAUTMEC Electrical Hand Tool Maintenance Carrier Bag.. Seems to have the same layout as my previous favorite DeWalt Electrical Tool Carrier bag.

Alternative Tool Bags for Electricians?

Here’s a REALLY cool tool bag idea for you, which I’ve personally tried!

It’s a BUCKET with a built-in sleeve system for your hand tools! It works REALLY good!

(You can even buy a lid which is actually a parts compartment!!.. shown below!)

This bucket hand tool bag did me really good, but once I found my favorite DeWalt Electrican Maintenance Tool Bag, that is what I preferred.

Here’s what the bucket hand tool system looks like:

Construction Bucket Tool Organizer
This Construction Bucket Tool Organizer is a sleeve that inserts into a 5 Gallon Bucket (I recommend buying one from your local department store). They are quite useful on a job site!

Now the picture above is from a product I found on Amazon, but I truly did use this, here’s a picture of the set up.. I still have it, and you can see the top compartment for various hardware electrician’s use like marettes (wire nuts), screws, etc.

Tool Bags for Drills, Sawzalls / Hackzalls, and Batteries…

Now, I found the best approach to bringing your tools to a job site was in two types of tool bags.

One for your hand tools, and one for your power tools.

These power tools bags could hold different drills and batteries, a sawzall or hackzall, drill bits, and is just used for more heavy-duty things which are bulkier and heavier.

Milwaukee Tool Bag for Drill - Wide Mouth
Milwaukee Tool Bag for Drill – Wide Mouth Tool Bag

I really liked a wide mouth contractor’s tool bag for these power tools.

You can easily grab your tools, keep them organized, and it allows your hand tools bag as an electrician to remain clean, not as heavy, and very organized as well.

I hope you now understand why I think my old DeWalt is the best Electrician and Maintenance Tool Carrier when it comes to good hand tool bags for electricians.

For clarity, let me just show that I like the old DeWalt parts tray underneath the bag:

Best Hand Tool Bag with Parts Tray Underneath
The small parts tray is underneath the bag for the BEST electrician workflow.
Not Recommended Hand Tool Bag with Parts Tray on the Side
The parts tray is on the outside of the hand tool bag for a bad experience.. (Not recommended because it will get hit and broken.. I’ve seen it happen!)

Additionally, you have also learned that having a separate bag for your power tools will allow you to remain organized and focused out there.

Let me know if you have any questions about this set up or what you think is a good electrician tool bag!

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