Welcome back to another funny electrician joke.

This is probably the most common electrical joke out there.. I don’t know how many times another trade has come into a room and has said this when many of us electricians were standing around talking (whether that be about work, or killing some time 😲🙈).

It Takes A LOT of Electricians is the ANSWER

So this is how it goes.

Usually one person is working. They are on the ladder screwing in a lightbulb, installing an electrical box, or even splicing some wires.

People for whatever reason gather to this person working and finishing up their task for the end of the day. Before you know it, sometimes there’s 3-4 people standing around this person’s ladder “providing support” so that worker doesn’t fall LOL.

Another trade comes into the room and asks, “Hey Sparkies, how many electricians does it take to screw in a lightbulb”.

It usually ends up in a big laugh, and everyone scatters, except for the person on the ladder.

If I was ever caught in this situation, I’d always say the number of people standing around 😂

Conclusion of the Joke..

In short, “how many electricians does it take to install a lightbulb” is a funny joke other trades play on electricians when they are standing around talking.

The funny part is when you actually do need help to screw in a big lightbulb.. how ironic!

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