Welcome back to another electrician joke, and this one is actually really funny.

If someone ever asks you to go get the wire stretcher tool, sadly, a wire stretcher does not exist.

This is a funny joke electrician’s say to someone if the wire was cut too short.

If people find out someone cut a wire too short, someone would come up to them and say, “I guess you gotta go get the wire stretcher, eh?”..

Always be sure to know the situation.. if it was an expensive cable they just cut too short, you might want to wait a little bit until the dust settles LOL .. but generally this one goes over pretty good, and all trades get a good laugh out of it.

Let’s recap.

What is a wire stretcher? It’s supposed to be a tool that doesn’t exist to get that little “extra” out of your wire.

But sadly, because a wire cannot be stretched and still be code compliant, a wire stretcher does not exist. You will have to re-pull the wire, and you better hope that it isn’t a long run that you’ve already stapled, or a very expensive wire like the main to the home or commercial facility.

If you ever do cut a wire too short, depending on the building, and the timeline of the job (if they are already drywalling), you may have to put a junction box in an accessible area, then make a splice back to where the circuit is intended to go.. (oops!).

The next time someone cuts a wire too short, now you know what to say.. tell them to go get the wire stretcher!

Be sure to read some other funny electrician jokes.. if you ever have a joke for electricians, let me know in the comments, and I’ll credit you to the joke if I haven’t heard it before 🙂