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Who is Riley [Quick About..]

Riley Weller

I’ve been doing online websites for about 10 years, but my main website I operate is my beatmaking training website.

Yes, I’m a music producer! It’s a HUGE passion of mine.. I worked electrical with the goal to do music and my websites full time! I was able to do it after 10 years, and now I can also focus on this website, with the free time of being an “online entrepreneur!”.

Here’s a beat of mine!

The Scapegoat [Download Here]| BEAT TAPES By GratuiTous Vol. 10 [Unreleased]


Learn more about my intentions of this website Becoming-an-Electrician.com

My history in the electrical industry was about 10 years, I became a journeyman and learned and saw many of the ins and outs of the industry in terms of actually working, and also the side of ordering materials, being organized, and looking after workers.

I mainly did commercial electrical, with about 30-40 percent residential (homes and condos/apartments). But I also had the privilege of learning pipe bending, pulling large amounts of circuits in one go, and really learning how to look at prints and understand panel and equipment schedules.

2" EMT Conduit Pipes
Working in the crawl space!
Transformer Three Phase Taping + Connection by Riley Weller
3 Phase Transformer I Wired Up!

I have always liked learning, even though it’s often too rushed on a jobsite. So I would often watch many videos when I got home from work to learn the ins and outs of the electrical trade. It was hard because USA to Canada rules are differ, and even State or Province vary in some rules, so finding information wasn’t always that easy..

I want this website to be a place where apprentice electricians can learn many of the common things like how to bend pipe, all the way down to funny electrician jokes.

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