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How to Install a Double Gang Box

How to install a double-gang electrical box in a wood frame setting (also known as a two-gang box).
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What is an Electrical Scab for Boxing

An electrical scab is used to push an electrical box away from a door frame (or other equipment) to comfortably put on a cover plate, and access the box easily.
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How to Install a Single Gang Electrical Box

How to install a single gang electrical box as an electrician. Learn about drywall depth, wood screws, and how a single gang box install should look.
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Before Mounting Electrical Boxes

Tips to know before mounting electrical boxes. A good rough-in gives you a good finish. Understand about box heights and above finished floor to become a great apprentice electrician!
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What is Roughing-In for Electricians

The Electrical Rough-In Process is the stage where electricians install electrical boxes, drill holes, pull wires, and splice wires before calling for electrical inspection.
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Electrical Rough-In Material List

Materials required for electrical rough-in for a home, condo, or apartment. A quick rough-in electrical material list is provided!
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How to Become a Female Electrician in Canada

How to become a female apprentice electrician in Canada. Learn what's involved to become a women electrician.
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