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Solve Parallel Resistive Circuits

How to solve parallel circuits for electricians and parallel circuit principles. Also, how to find total parallel resistance math formula in a circuit.
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Solve Series Resistive Circuits

How to solve series circuits for electricians. Series math equation examples and series circuit principles for electricians.
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What is an Electrical Load in Circuitry? (for Electricians)

A "load" in an electrical circuit is simply an electrical device that consumes power from the POWER SOURCE when it's connected to power and the circuit is live.
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What is Ohm’s Law for Electricians

Ohm's Law is simply a math triangle electricians use to calculate Voltage, Amps, and Resistance in a SUPER EASY way. It's all based on RESISTANCE being constant.
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What is a Power Source for Electricians

In electrical circuits we have a power source and electrical loads. A power source is what provides power to the circuit, whether it's an AC or DC circuit, and an electrical load CONSUMES power from that power source.
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How Does a Basic Electrical Circuit Work

A basic electrical circuit works by connecting two wires (Hot and Neutral) across an electrical device (known as a "load").
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