Author: Riley Weller

In 2008, Riley became an electrical apprentice in Canada who completed his Red Seal 2016! He had the honor of working with many seasoned journeymen who passed down their tricks to him. Fun Fact: Riley is now a fulltime beatmaking educator!

How to Splice Wires in a Double Gang Box

How to splice a double gang box which makes it easy in the electrical finishing stage (with pigtails included).
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How to Cut-In Wires for Electricians (What is Cutting In?)

Cutting-in wires is the final step in the electrical rough-in process. The wires are entered into the box and spliced, before calling for electrical inspection.
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How to Pull Wire in a Residential Setting

How to Pull and Staple Wires in a Residential Wood Frame Setting for Electricians.
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How to Drill Holes for Wires

Drilling holes for electrical wires takes a lot of planning. You must plan your routes, keep power away from extra-low-voltage wires, and drill holes at the same height!
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How to Install a Triple Gang Box

How to install a triple-gang electrical box (also known as a three-gang electrical box). The difference is that it requires a support on both sides of the box, compared to single and double-gang boxes.
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