Author: Riley Weller

In 2008, Riley became an electrical apprentice in Canada who completed his Red Seal 2016! He had the honor of working with many seasoned journeymen who passed down their tricks to him. Fun Fact: Riley is now a fulltime beatmaking educator!

How to Buy Wire Strippers for Electricians

How to Wire Strippers for Electrician Buying Guide. What are the Best Wire Strippers.
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How to Buy a Drill for Electricians Guide

Best Hand Drills for Electricians. How to Buy a Cordless Heavy-Duty Drill and Impact Driver for Residential & Commercial Electricians.
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Solve Parallel Resistive Circuits

How to solve parallel circuits for electricians and parallel circuit principles. Also, how to find total parallel resistance math formula in a circuit.
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Solve Series Resistive Circuits

How to solve series circuits for electricians. Series math equation examples and series circuit principles for electricians.
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