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Why Electrician’s Need a Crimper

Why Electricians Need a Crimper

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When I was an apprentice electrician, I realized quickly that electrician’s need to have a crimper on them to be versatile so that they don’t need to ask to use someone else’s tool. And what I discovered was that most electricians DO NOT have a crimper on site, so they often end up using YOURS.

For that reason, I do not suggest buying an expensive crimper..

If you’d like to grab my favorite CHANNELLOCK Crimpers, use the button below! They are affordable, work great, and you don’t have to worry if someone wants to borrow them on the jobsite!

A crimper is the BEST way to approach crimping on insulated and non-insulated crimps. In addition, the workflow from the front is so beneficial, and you can even quickly cut the seismic (aircraft cable).

What We Cover in this Article:

  • Why Electricians Need a Crimper
  • Crimper Pliers vs. Dedicated Crimper Hand Tool
  • My FAVORITE Crimper for Electricians

Why Electricians Need a Crimper

CHANNELLOCK Crimpers for Electricians
Featuring both insulated and non-insulated crimping abilities!

A crimper is one of those tools that electricians NEED when seismicing (if you live in the fire ring, in case of earth quakes). Seismicing is when you hang air craft cable from building structure to prevent lights, exit signs, and other electrical devices from falling during an earth quake!

Yes, you can get pliers with the add-on crimper, but I just like basic Klein Tools pliers with the 2000 Series cutting knives.

Crimper Pliers vs. Dedicated Crimper Hand Tool

On one jobsite I was on, another co-worker told me that pliers with the crimper on the back are so annoying to work with when you have to do LOTS of seismic work, or if you are in tight working spaces (like a T-Bar ceiling). This is because you have to open up the pliers wider than usual, and the crimping is a little more difficult.

The crimp feature on pliers is nice if you need to crimp THE ODD thing on site..

But it made me realize how important a dedicated pair of crimpers are for electricians, as I never had the back crimp on pliers, but a dedicated pair of cheaper crimpers (so I always got to enjoy the nice workflow!) The workflow is so awesome because everything is from the FRONT of the crimpers, and you can crimp BOTH insulated, and non-insulated crimps!

CHANNELLOCK Insulated Crimping
You can see I’m pointing to INSULATED.. there are two types of crimps you will use on site.. insulated (like shown.. the yellow crimp), and non-insulated which are little metal crimps that you slide over aircraft cable that you poke yourself with and sometimes tears come into your eye cause it really hurts that bad LOL! 😂
Insulated Crimp Fork
This is a close-up of the insulated crimp with forks. Sometimes instead of forks, they can be round, or push on (stake on.. or “Sta-Kon”).
Insulated Crimp Fork Inside Crimp Shaft
This is the inside barrel just to show you for education purposes..
CHANNELLOCK Insulated Crimping In Action
My Favorite CHANNELLOCK Crimps in action crimping an insulated crimp!

My FAVORITE Crimper for Electricians

CHANNELLOCK Crimpers 909 - Insulated and Non-Insulated Crimps

So, the reason this Crimper by CHANNELLOCK is my favorite is because they are quite affordable, and do a great job.

I told you, not many electricians have crimpers on the jobsite, and it’s one of those tools that once people know that YOU own a pair, they want to borrow them. So not only do they do the job great, and are affordable, you’re not as concerned handing out a more expensive tool.

Plus.. you’ll be able to work much faster with the front-of-the-tool workflow, and have insulated and non-insulated crimping abilities..

I hope you enjoyed this article..

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