This article is a quick guide for how to immigrate to Canada as an Electrician.

After writing my how to become an electrician in Canada article, it’s brought a lot of questions from foreign electricians to qualify in Canada. (Out of country electricians moving to Canada).

Please read close! I CANNOT HELP YOU FIND WORK.

My answer is to reach out to a local college in regards to being a foreign worker wanting to become an electrician in Canada. They’ll tell you the information required to immigrate, how to transfer your electrical apprenticeship hours, and even if there’s grants available!

Helpful Links for Electricians Immigrating to Canada:

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Step 1: What Province are You Moving To?

First figure out what province in Canada you are moving to. (See provinces in Canada).

This is the very important because being an electrician in Canada is not the same in each province and the requirements to become a certified electrician can differ from province to province.

Immigration may also differ from province to province for electricians immigrating to Canada to obtain their Red Seal (Journeyman electrician). (See Federal Skilled Trades Program link above!)

Step 2: Reach Out to a Local College for Information

Once you know what province in Canada, the next step is to contact a local college in the city you are moving to.

Tell them the country you are immigrating from, if you have completed the schooling in your country, or if you have any hours. Many times your hours and schooling can be credited to you, which can save you much time, money, and effort!

I’ll quickly break if you’re 100% done school and certified, or if you’re still doing your electrical schooling.


If you have fully completed your schooling in your country, from conversations of other electricians I worked with on the jobsite, they were able to transfer their electrical ticket (certification) to become a Journeyman in Canada.. but there may be a test involved, as well as showing proof such as your hours, and paperwork for verification.


In Canada, apprentice electrician’s get paid a percentage of the JOURNEYMAN PAY RATE. (Each province pays differently, and there is no standard!)

Let’s say it’s $35/hour for journeyman rate.

First year electrician’s will get paid a percentage of $35/hour… at maybe $15-18/hour.

Each time you pass school, your company SHOULD be increasing your pay rate!

Your electrical company that is sponsoring you also has to submit your apprenticeship hours to keep track of all your working hours, which is required for you to pass your schooling and become a fully certified journeyman.

Immigrating to Canada to Become an Electrician:

So please view the links above.

They will break down what it takes to become an electrician in Canada from another country.

In Canada, an electrician is known as a skilled trade worker. There is an apprenticeship program, which when you pass, you get your Red Seal, which can be used all throughout Canada (except Quebec I think..)

It’s very important to get this Red Seal because it gives you the security of presenting the paper to any employer for them to pay your Journeyman rate.

If you are an apprentice, make sure to look up FINANCIAL GRANTS. Each time you pass a year of your electrical schooling, there is usually a grant you can claim to help cover the costs of going to school!

For apprentice electricians in the Read Seal program, I believe you are entering into the “Construction Electrician” category. It takes 4 years to complete. You work for 9 months, and go to school for about 3 months.

Read Seal is the Canada Program for Skilled Worker Training!


Here are the helpful links from above for convenience.