Always Check the Other Side of the Surface You’re Drilling

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What We Cover in this Article:

  • Make Sure to Check the Other Side of Surface Before Drilling


This one’s going to be short and sweet, but it’s very important not to jump the gun here.

Depending on the time we show up at the job, we can be the first or last trade to complete our work.

When we’re first, it’s awesome because there’s a lot less objects to hit while drilling. But when we show up last, we have to double and triple check the other side of what ever we’re drilling though.

Whether this be drilling through our own wires or other trades’ stuff like plumbing pipes, sprinkler pipes, AC lines, duct work, etc!

Especially once we start using boom drills, it’s really easy to get lazy here.

Milwaukee Angle Drive Kit Attachment for D Drill Handle
Milwaukee Angle Drive Kit Attachment. (Note, this goes onto a D-Handle Drill!)

I’ve seen people do a walk through and draw a line on any stud which has anything on the opposite side, but even in my experience, I like double checking as I’m drilling.

I may check 1-2 studs ahead of me, then I will keep checking 1-2 ahead as I continue drilling.

I’d rather the piece of mind of taking an extra few seconds to double check, then having to go tell my boss I drilled through a feeder or another trade’s material.

Don’t be caught drilling blind!

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