Roughing-In Series

Learn the basics of the electrical rough-in stage!
Series - Roughing-In

Double Gang Box Completed Splice Example

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What You'll Learn:

Roughing-in is one of the first stages of the electrical process. Once the building’s foundation is laid, and walls and roof are installed, electricians then start drilling holes, installing boxes, pulling wire, and splicing wires.

It’s very important to have a good Electrical Rough-In, as it makes the Finishing Stage much easier!

This free how to rough-in for electricians training covers:

  • What is Electrical Roughing-In?
  • Basic Electrical Rough-In Material List
  • Before Mounting Junction Boxes (MUST KNOW!)
  • How to Install Electrical Boxes in Wood Frame
    • How to Install Single Gang Box
    • How to Double Gang Box
    • How to Triple Gang Box
    • How to Support Boxes & Build Box Scabs
  • How to Drill Holes for Wires
  • How to Pull Wire in Wood-Frame
  • How to Label Wires as an Electrician
  • How to Staple Electrical Wires Safely
  • How to Cut In Wires (Preparing for Wire Splicing)
  • How to Splice Wires in Junction Box Neatly
    • Splice Wires in a Single Gang Box
    • Splice Wires in a Double Gang Box
  • Never Put Pigtails on Lights! (When Roughing-In)

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