Welcome to Becoming-an-Electrician.com

My name is Riley Weller, and I’ll be your host throughout this site.

I entered the electrical trade in 2008 and became a Red Seal Electrician here in Canada in March 2016, and I’ll tell you what, it hasn’t been an easy road the whole way.

I actually quit the electrical trade for two years to pursue a music career!

My music choice at the time wasn’t providing me the income to reach my goals (the usual music story, right! lol), so I came back and finished my schooling.

It is my goal with this site to educate apprentice electricians in Canada to become skilled in both the hands-on and theory aspect of the electrical trade.

I want to prepare you for the industry and share insider tips which I felt were lacking through my own apprenticeship!

My electrical experience so far has been based out of British Columbia, as I know some provinces have their own quirks/preferences through discussions with co-workers over the years. So just keep that in mind through the articles and videos.

Two sayings that have always helped me through my electrical career:

One day at a time

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Who won the race? The tortoise, not the hare.)

I hope my content is that missing element that I felt in this industry.

You can always send me an email to cover certain topics, too!

Here’s a useful article on suggested tools for apprentice electricians: