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Hey!  My name’s Riley, I’m the operator here at

Before I can start sending you emails though, we gotta make sure everything is legal! ????

All that means is you must accept the confirmation email before I’m allowed to send you emails!

Step 1: Check for an email with the subject “Becoming an Electrician: Please Confirm Subscription

Step 2: Click the Confirmation link in that email.

That’s all there is to it!

— Riley !

Haven’t received the e-mail? Check your spam folder!

Be the Best Apprentice Electrician There Is..

Be the Best Apprentice Electrician There Is..

It's my goal on this website to educate you to become a better electrician.

In my emails, I work by communication.  I ask questions, you click on the link which you'd like to learn more about.

Sound interesting?

I hope the best in your electrical apprenticeship.

-- Riley !

Success - Just go to your Email to Confirm!

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